Summer Activities






During the summer, Spring and Fall seasons, ATV’s or Quads are commonly used in the area for recreation.  Many of the trails used for x country skiing, and snowmobiling second as ATV trails in the summer.  We do ask that you use the trails with respect.


Mountain Biking:


Mountain bikes are well suited to use in our area.  We have Hundreds of trails suitable for mountain bikes. 




For those of you interested in hiking, the x country ski trails offer well looked after trails for your hiking pleasure.  The “Gronlid Trails” are approx 2 Miles South of The Outerbanks Chalet, and the “Tomilin Trails" are approx 1 mile NW of the chalet.  The "Codette Trails" are approx. 10 miles NE of the Chalet.  We can provide more specific directions upon arrival.















Sandberg Camp:


Only several miles from “The Outerbanks” chalet, Sandberg camp is a unique rest area and picnic spot right in the Fort a La Corne forest reserve.  This camp situated along the Saskatchewan River offers some beautiful views of the river valley easily accessible by Bike, ATV, Snowmobile, Hiking, Cross Country Skiing, etc.





The Outerbanks is uniquely situated in that guests have access to several good golf courses within 45 minutes.  Guests can clearly make a full day golfing 1 or 2 courses in the region and then heading back to the chalet for a relaxing evening  and BBQ on the deck.  Listed below are course details and contact information of courses within easy driving distance from The Outerbanks.



Nipawin Evergreen Golf Course - ½ hr drive.  18hole, grass greens, pro-shop.

(306) 862 9795.  (306) 862 4811 pro shop. 


Evergreen Golf Club at Nipawin is one of the most beautiful courses in Northern Saskatchewan. Rated 71.9 off the tips and slope of 129, this 18-hole championship 6,539-yard course is a frequent host to provincial championships. Fairways are bordered by Northern spruce and pine, greens are large and undulating, and sandtraps are few.



Melfort Golf and Country Club - ½ hr drive, 18 hole, grass greens, pro shop.

(306) 752 3279 

Proving the old adage "appearances can be deceiving," the Melfort Golf and Country Club is a much more difficult golf course than its level and relatively open layout would suggest.  Some of the difficulty can be attributed to an extensive water hazard playing through the centre of the course. However, most golfers experience problems with Melfort's small greens, which are hard to both hit and hold on. Their many deceptive slopes make reading your putts correctly a real challenge.



Tisdale Riverside Golf Course - 45 min drive. 9hole, grass greens, pro shop.

(306) 873 4222 

Along the banks of the Doghide River, this is a friendly nine-hole course that offers plenty of challenge. There is an interesting combination of well-treed holes: some wide fairways and some not so wide.


Pasquia Regional Park - ½ hr drive, 9 hole, grass greens, pro shop.


Near Arborfield, this is a lush and well-designed course. The course lies next to the Carrot River and descends into the scenic landscaping of the river valley. It’s a busy course popular with tourists.



Candle Lake Golf Resort -1hr drive, 18 hole, grass greens, pro shop.

(306) 929 2211

The newest upscale 18-hole golf resort in Saskatchewan can be found at Candle Lake 77 km northeast of Prince Albert. Golfers face some demanding doglegs, densely tree framed fairways with cleared under brush, and lush bent grass greens.

Cooke Municipal Golf Course, Prince Albert - 1hr drive, 18 hole, grass greens, pro shop. Ph. (306) 763-2502 

Cooke Municipal Golf Course in Prince Albert is one of the best loved in the province and a frequent provincial or national tournament location. The traditional, well-treed track will have you using every club in your bag by the end of the round. It stretches to 6,509, par-72 off the tips, with a slope of 122.  At almost 100-years-old, Cooke features has a variety of short and long holes, doglegs, testy par-3s - and greens that tend to be large.

Kachurs Golf and Country Club – Prince Albert - 1hr drive, 18 hole, grass greens, par 70 golf course. (306) 763-3465. 

They offer a pro-shop, restaurant, and lounge. Tournament bookings and BBQs for all sizes! 

Rolling Pines Golf and Country Resort – Carrot River (306) 862-9600

This is a beautiful 9 hole golf course carved out of natural rolling boreal forest with many scenic views. This par 36 regulation course features large undulating grass greens with full irrigation. Total length from back tees is 3300 yards. With 3 tee areas to choose from, it plays to all skill levels. A practice putting green is situated at the clubhouse.




For the intermediate paddlers, canoeing on the Saskatchewan river can be very rewarding.  We encourage guests to launch their canoes North of Kinistino at Weldon Ferry, where they can paddle down stream toward Codette Lake.  The distance is approx 50 Miles.  Make sure you leave a pick up vehicle at The Outerbanks Riverside Cabins so you are able to return back to your Chalet at the end of the day.  This is an all day trip but likely consider overnighting.  We suggest getting an early start.  Pack some survival gear and a first aid kit. Clearly anyone undertaking this activity needs to be a good swimmer and in good physical condition.  Always wear your life jacket.




Fishing, Swimming, Boating:


Codette Lake is upstream of the world famous Tobin Lake.  Both lakes were created by damming the Saskatchewan river.  Codette Lake is smaller and less known than Tobin Lake but clearly has a similar fishing reputation.  Both summer and winter offer excellent fishing opportunities for Walleye and Pike, although many other species are caught too.  Both swimming and boating opportunities exist on Codette Lake.






Sea-Dooing/Jet Boating:


For the adventuresome outdoorsman heading upstream on seadoos has proven to be very entertaining.  Although you have to be careful of sand bars and floating debris in the river, running rapids upstream and downstream on Seadoo is clearly exhilarating.  For those of you that have a jet boat you will enjoy a 1.5 hour jet boat ride upstream to where the North and South Saskatchewan River meet. 











Saskatoon Sled & Sea-Doo Rentals   Saskatoon (306) 227 7533 sled 
LeisureLee Boat Rentals


Prince Albert

(306) 960 5112

(306) 960 2768




Codette Lake is a long lake which is suitable for sailing.  Although surrounded by forestry the wind can really blow on Codette lake especially from the North West.  Sailing is not very popular on Codette Lake although the opportunity does present itself.




Horseback - Trail Rides and Pack Trips:


The Outer Banks is very well situated for the horse and Outdoor enthusiasts.  The region in which The Outerbanks is situated offers breath taking views of the Saskatchewan River valley.  Our facilities are set up to accommodate cowboys and cowgirls.  We have fenced in pasture where horses are free to roam and graze.  We are situated close to many country trails which make for ideal trail rides.  For the more adventuresome there is plenty of opportunity to set up an overnight pack trip, or simply embark on day long trail rides.  Sandberg Camp is  a good destination to have lunch and a mid day break.




Horse Drawn Sleigh (Winter) and Wagon (Summer) Rides:
Mark Hodgson has offered sleigh and wagon rides for families and group functions for many years. You can either travel 45 minutes south to his farm or he would likely come directly to The Outerbanks.  If you book this fantastic winter or summer activity, plan on taking your kids out for a wiener roast/campfire or simply a ride through the forest. Call Mark Hodgson (306 921 7584) for more information and to discuss options for a horse drawn ride.


Torch Trail Bible Camp:
Another public swimming option while staying at The Outerbanks is located at Torch Trail Bible Camp.  The camp is located about 20 minutes north of The Outerbanks, just south-west of Choiceland.  Torch Trail Bible Camp has a large outdoor pool and offers public swim times at (306) 428-2989.
Torch Trail Bible Camp is located just 20 minutes north of The Outerbanks.  This may provide a perfect opportunity for you to relax while enrolling your children in summer camp.  They offer a variety of camps for different age groups, lengths, and activities.  Information in regards to dates, camps, and activities is located at




Skeet/Clay Pigeon Shooting:


For liability reasons we no longer allow skeet shooting from any of the cabins at The Outerbanks.  Please contact The Outerbanks for information and safe locations where skeet shooting is permitted at your own risk.



R&R - Rest and Relaxation:


Clearly one of the most underrated activities but one of the most rewarding , is to just sit and relax at The Outerbanks.   Our location and choice of building site offer people from all walks of life an opportunity to just take in the beauty of the world around you. We offer 5 star accommodations with all the amenities in a  truly remote country wilderness setting.  If you value quality family time The Outerbanks clearly presents you the opportunity to spend time with family and friends.







Fall Recreation:


Over the years Saskatchewan has become a very well known destination for hunters.  Although many Non Resident and Canadian resident hunters come to Saskatchewan, there is also a growing trend of resident hunters hunting in different regions within the province.  Our facility is well suited to accommodate the needs of  Canadian residents, Non Residents, and Saskatchewan residents. 


The Outerbanks Chalet is situated along the Fort a La Corne Forest Reserve, overlooking the majestic Saskatchewan River.  Our location is ideal to access big game and waterfowl opportunities alike.



Bird Hunting: Self-Guided Waterfowl Hunters:


The waterfowl season opens Sept 01 and runs through November.  The best dates are in September and October.  There are specific regulations for non-resident waterfowl hunters.  All hunters need to refer to the “Saskatchewan Hunting Guide” at and familiarize themselves with the current hunting and firearm regulations.  When staying at The Outerbanks You can expect to have opportunities to harvest Greater and Lesser Canada geese, Snows and Blues and some Whitefronted (Specklebelly) geese.  Waterfowl hunters can expect to harvest Mallards and Pintail, along with widgeon, teal, gadwall and northern shovelers.  Hunters wanting to set up on larger water bodies can expect to see most diver species including, ringnecks, blue bills, canvasbacks and redheads etc.


Big Game Hunting:


The Fort a La Corne Forest Reserve has its own regulations on seasons, access, draw seasons etc.  If you are planning a big game trip in this Island Forest it is critical to be sure as the rules specific to this piece of forestry.




Saskatchewan Resident Hunters:


Canadian Resident Hunters:


                Whitetail deer