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Trail Maps:


The Outerbanks overlook the majestic Saskatchewan River as it winds through the beautiful Fort a La Corne forest reserve in North East Saskatchewan.  The huge forestry reserve provides countless opportunities for snowmobiling, quading, hiking, mountain biking and cross country skiing.  Please click on the links below to access roadways and trail maps for the Fort a La Corne forest reserve.
Fort a La Corne trail map
Fort a La Corne full road map
Snowmobile Trail Maps:
The Outerbanks is located in amazing snowmobile country with easy assess to groomed trails and days of riding enjoyment for those who love to ride.  The Outerbanks is located in Zone 2 - NE.  Click here to access Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association NE Zone for clubs and accurate trail riding conditions.  Listed below are easy access maps of the club trails that surround The Outerbanks:
Melfort and District Trail Riders Inc. #217

Melfort, Wapiti, (area around The Outerbanks)

Twin Lakes Trail Blazers Inc. #226

Nipawin, Tobin Lake, Ridsdale, (east of The Outerbanks)

Cross Country Skiing Maps:


The Outerbanks is located adjacent to the Fort a La Corne forest reserve and is approximately 10 minutes from the Gronlid Ski Trails.  The Melfort Cross Country Ski Club maintains and grooms over 30 kilometres of trails within the forest.  You can access the Gronlid trails off highway 6 south of the Wapiti Ski hill, or 2 miles directly south of The Outerbanks along the trail road.  A second set of trails located NW of the Outerbanks approx 5 minutes away (which may or may not be maintained, depending on recent snow conditions).  Originally known as the Tomilin Trails, the Melfort club periodically maintains these trails.
Cross Country Skiing Trail Map
Riverside trails (Sandberg camp) map
Melfort Cross Country Ski Club Trail Information
Fishing Maps:


The Outerbanks is located on the Saskatchewan River and only a few kilometres away from the start of Codette Lake.  Codette Lake is upstream of the world famous Tobin Lake.  Both lakes were created by damming the Saskatchewan river.  Codette Lake is smaller and less known than Tobin Lake but clearly has a similar fishing reputation.  Both summer and winter offer excellent fishing opportunities for Walleye and Pike, although many other species are caught too.  Both swimming and boating opportunities exist on Codette Lake.


Codette and Tobin Fishing Map
Ice Fishing Access Points map